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Reggie Loc Tribute

Digging in our archives we found our very first interview with Reggie Loc. It’s special for us to re-air this special interview. Today marks two years without our talented friend.  Listen live at 3PM CST


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via: Chi Gala

Amari H. Smith has announced the debut of a function that is centered on giving direct recognition to Chicago creatives; this event will function similarly to that of the Met Gala in NYC (red carpet experience).

This function is called “Chi Gala.” On the night of the show, one can expect to see a few up and coming artists (of all mediums), all of who have been identified and nominated by the Chi Gala committee. This event will be held on the evening of December 17th, 2016. Amari has had much success in the past with various ventures rather it be in events or managing the ever so talented Sydny August; in particular he has consistently thrown outstanding fashion shows with his KeepYa team, as well as a packed out award show titled “KeepYaAwards.” Chi Gala will mark Amari’s 6th event, he has consistently brought his vision to life and positively impacted the Chicago arts community. Time after time, Amari has reminded everyone why he is an influence on the creative youth culture in the city of Chicago.

We love the diversity of Chicago. We can’t wait to attend the Chi Gala and see all the diverse fashion that will be presented on the night. Our Ease Dropping Radio will be present to give you the best footage and photo’s from the event. Purchase your tickets here and meet us their https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chigala-tickets-29339969639

Meet The Syndicate

SYNDICATE…Biggest indie underground umbrella merger ever. “The vision is larger then music. I would like it to become the black wallstreet modern day. We have to start supporting each others brands and businesses. We can have a self sustaining community like the Hispanics are doing on Collins street if we can get everyone to open their minds set egos aside and conduct business with each other”-Damien Dougherty  CEO


Prince Dies at 57

via CNN

Days after Prince’s death, memorials for the music legend are still going strong. Mourners from the singer’s inner circle and fans from far and wide are remembering him four days after the 57-year-old musician was found dead inside an elevator at his Paisley Park Studios. His death Thursday came about a week after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. More details about that incident were obtained by CNN on Monday.