Meet Kodie Shane

Kodie Williams better known by her stage name “ItsTheDonBaby”, is an American song writer, rapper, singer, and all around entertainer born in Atlanta, Georgia. As a toddler she toured the US with her sister, platinum recording artist Brandi Williams of the R&B group BLAQUE with Brittney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, and TLC to name a few. Kodies career officially started when she began to write and record music with production company Greystone Park at the direction of producer Matthew “Matty P” Pearson and his production partner David “D.Clax” Claxton. It was in in that environment that she found her lane and proclaimed herself the DonBaby. She took on the social media persona “ItstheDonBaby”, claiming that “Being the Don is a talent not all can achieve” she began to command the attention and respect of her peers as the Elite, trend setter, head of her Crew and a proven lyricist. Writing songs for local up and coming teen acts and developing the talents of other young acts, she has often been compared to a young Missy Elliot. Much of the lyrical content in her music deals with complex emotional issues that are geared toward a primarily teenage demographic. She delivers her message with a strong sense of individuality and demands an audience to have a good time. She publically released her first original record and video, Crown Me, via Youtube in the summer of 2014 and instantly caught fire. As the spear-head artist representing Greystone Park, she continues to service her growing fan base’ demand for more, with hard hitting beats and authentic melodies laced by original yet relatable lyrics. Controlling the hearts of all who come in contact with her the “Young Heart Throb” is taking the music scene by storm!

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Kodie Shane

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Instagram:: @itsthedonbaby    Twitter:: @itsthedonbaby   Soundcloud:: /itsthedonbaby



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